Shutter Release: 5 beginner mistakes, editing in LAB color, landscape photo tips and handcrafted books


posted Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 11:45 AM EDT


We have a lot of videos for you in today's Shutter Release roundup. We will start with a video pointing out five beginner photography mistakes and how to solve them. Next is a video about editing your photos in LAB color in Photoshop and how it might improve your workflow and give your photos an extra punch. The next pair of videos are for landscape photographers in particular and follow Andrew Marr in Iceland and Thomas Heaton as he talks about S curves in composition. We then finish up with a blog post from Red River Paper where they take a look at beautiful handcrafted photo books.

If you're new to Shutter Release, it's a regular series here at Imaging Resource where we turn the spotlight on content from around the web. We share and summarize photography-related content we think you'll find interesting. While we are dedicated to bringing you the best in original content, we also want to ensure that the great work being done by our colleagues is shared as well.

5 beginner photography mistakes and how to solve them - Joe Allam

Photographer Joe Allam has made a video with some great tips for new shutterbugs. For example, mistake number two is not understanding how to set your white balance. Allam then goes into detail about how to better understand and adjust your white balance for a particular shooting situation. If you're new or just want to learn more, check out the video below.

How editing in LAB color in Photoshop could give your photos an extra punch - PhotoshopCAFE

If you've never tried editing photos in LAB color, you might want to give it a try. PhotoshopCAFE has published a new video about how editing your photos in LAB can give you improved texture and color.

Long exposure landscape photography in Iceland - Andrew Marr

We've featured a couple of Andrew Marr's videos from his trip to. This time he is focused on long exposure photos of waterfalls. In his new video, Marr discusses optimal camera settings for photographing waterfalls. Plus, there are beautiful Icelandic vistas to see.

'S' curve composition in landscape photography - Thomas Heaton

Photographer Thomas Heaton has one of the best YouTube channels out there thanks in large part to content like the video below. Composition is something that is discussed a lot as it is absolutely critical to photography.

Handcrafted photobooks by Frank Hamrick - Red River Paper

Over at Red River Paper's blog earlier this month, they discussed Frank Hamrick's amazing handcrafted photobooks. Arthur H. Bleich, who runs the blog, interviewed Hamrick and it's a great behind-the-scenes look at Hamrick's books. There is a lot of time and skill involved and photographers will surely enjoy the images. Head over to Red River Paper for more information.