Shutter Release: Canon consults on new anime, signature watermark how-to and a pair of videos


posted Monday, October 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST


We hope you had a nice weekend and that your October is off to a roaring start. For photographers in areas with fall foliage, we hope the leaves have started turning and that shooting conditions have been favorable. In today's Shutter Release roundup, we have an eclectic assortment for you to kick off your week, starting with an interesting collaboration between Canon and an anime production in Japan. Next up is a video about turning your signature into a personalized watermark for your photos. After that we have video from photographer Micael Widell focused on macro photography. Keeping the tips train rolling, we finish with a video from Nigel Danson featuring four tips for landscape photography.

For readers unfamiliar with Shutter Release, it is an ongoing feature here at Imaging Resource where we summarize and share interesting photography content from around the web.

Canon is consulting on an anime production in Japan - Canon Watch

For photographers, watching television shows and movies can sometimes be frustrating because cameras are often inaccurate and characters almost never hold or use cameras with proper technique. That won't be a problem in the new Japanese anime "Just Because!" which will begin airing this week. One of the main characters is passionate about photography and the show's producers wanted her cameras and lenses to be accurate, so they employed the help of Canon. Her main camera is a Canon PowerShot G5X, but she can also be seen using a 7D Mark II, M6 and an EF 100-400mm lens. You can check out some animated Canon gear out in the trailer below.

Turn your signature into a personalized watermark in Photoshop - Photoshop Training Channel

If you want to use a watermark on your images, what better choice than your actual signature? A new video from Photoshop Training Channel shows you how.

10 macro photography tips for beginners - Micael Widell

Macro photography is a lot of fun and very distinct from other kinds of photography. Micael Widell has a new video featuring 10 macro photography tips for beginners.

4 landscape photography tips - Nigel Danson

If landscape photography is more to your liking, photographer Nigel Danson has four tips for you in the video below.