Shutter Release: 10 wedding blunders, mastering camera settings, long exposure landscapes and more


posted Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:30 PM EDT


It's a video-centric edition of Shutter Release. Today's roundup includes five videos covering a wide range of topics. First is a video about preparing images for a composite. Next up is a video for wedding photographers covering 10 common blunders and how to avoid them. If you are thinking about setting up a photography website, the third video has five reasons why you should. In the fourth slot is a video from Tony and Chelsea Northrup covering Tony's camera settings for all shooting situations. Finally, we finish with a tutorial covering three ways to use long exposures in your landscape photography.

Shutter Release is a regular feature here at Imaging Resource wherein we summarize and share interesting photography content from around the web.

Blending tones and matching colors for composites in Photoshop - Tutvid

Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid is one of the most prolific Photoshop educators on the web and he's at it again with a great tutorial about blending tones and color matching for composite images in Photoshop.

10 easily avoidable wedding blunders - SLR Lounge

Weddings are not only hugely important to the participants, but they're also a big business for photographers. If you're in the wedding industry or hoping to get started, there are many potential mistakes you'll want to avoid making. Fortunately, according to SLR Lounge, many mistakes are easy to eliminate. The video below is a free excerpt from a "Wedding Workshop" series at SLR Lounge, covering 10 eaisly avoidable blunders based on information from 200 members of the SLR Lounge community.

5 reasons to have a photography website - Mathieu Stern

In case you needed reasons to have a photography website, Mathieu Stern has you covered with five of them.

Mastering camera settings - Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Camera settings can be confusing. There are a lot of parameters you can adjust and every photographic situation is different. To help clear things up, Tony Northrup has a new video in which he goes over his camera settings for a wide variety of shooting scenarios.

Variations on long exposure landscape photography - Fstoppers

Over at First Man Photography, photographer Adam Karnacz has a new video showcasing three methods he uses for long exposure landscape photography.