Shutter Release: Removing a stuck filter, how to get any color background & 2 new Lomo cameras


posted Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 7:00 AM EST


This weekend, we have some interesting content to share with you, starting with a video about removing a stuck lens filter. Next up is a video from Andrew Boey about how to have a saturated color background without a backdrop and without using Photoshop. For Lomography fans, our third section is about a pair of new Lomography cameras.

Shutter Release is a roundup feature for sharing and summarizing interesting content we see around the web. Content can include a wide variety of articles and videos, including tutorials and news about products and much more.

Removing a stuck lens filter - Mathieu Stern

While the method seen below is a bit risky, it does seem effective. However, you should likely first try something like a Sensei filter wrench.

Getting a saturated background without backdrops or Photoshop - Beyond Photography

Andrew Boey shows us how to get a background of any color in the video below. This technique does not require a special backdrop or using Photoshop. Colored gels are versatile and stackable. The trick to using colored gels is figuring out how to control your light source and achieve the right light intensity.

Lomography introduces two new Lomo'Instant cameras - Photography Blog

For Lomography fans, there seems to be new cameras and styles on a frequent basis. The trend has continued with a pair of new Lomo'Instant cameras, the Lomo'Instant Oxford and Lomo'Instant Yangon. The Oxford has a dark olive green design and the Yangon employs a creamy metallic gold appearance.

The new Lomo'Instant Oxford