Adobe adds Lightroom integration to Portfolio, their CC publishing service


posted Monday, October 9, 2017 at 1:06 PM EST


Earlier this year Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Portfolio, a service that allows CC members to publish their work online in a personalized website powered by different themes. The goal was to take the "pain" out of creating websites and make it easier for artists to publish their work online. At launch, Portfolio synced with Behance to quickly and easily use content from there as a starting point to build your website. Today, Adobe annouced integration with Lightroom. 

This new integration allows you to conenct any Lightroom Collections you’ve created and import the images to a Page on Adobe Portfolio. Once you do this, the entire Collection will be transformed into a Photo Grid within a new Page and you can edit the new Photo Grid to reorder or delete an image. As with every Page, you can add additional text, images, videos, or embedded content. Thanks to this integration, using Portfolio is even more appoachable than before. For those who used Lightroom and not Behance, this is a big step in making website creation much, much easier. 


Additionally, Adobe made importing projects from Behance easier by setting a enw option in the import Gallery. Whenever you create a new Project on Behance, Portfolio will automatically import it as a page in the gallery you selected. To keep track of all of your Pages and their sources, Adobe has also added product badges to the Manage Content section. Whenever you import from Adobe Lightroom or Behance, you’ll see a corresponding badge below the Page’s title. Adobe sayt that "this is especially helpful when you want to re-import content you may have updated on Behance or Adobe Lightroom."

For more information on Portfolio and its integration with Lightroom, make sure to read Adobe's blog on the launch