Creating luminosity masks in Photoshop using the color range selection function


posted Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST


Luminosity masks are a very powerful tool for making selective adjustments in Photoshop. You make a selection based on the luminosity of an image to make very precise selections. However, luminosity masks can be a bit complicated.

A new tutorial from PiXimperfect shows how to create luminosity masks in Photoshop using the software's "Color Range" function. The video covers not only what luminosity masks are, but how you can easily make your own in Photoshop. Basically, luminosity masks are masks based on the brightness of different areas of your image. For example, suppose you want to select the sky in a complex landscape image, you could manually select the sky, which is very tricky. Or, you could create a luminosity mask to quickly make a precise selection of areas in your image within a certain range of brightness and use that mask to select only the sky.

(Via PiXimperfect