The emotions of color: How color theory can help your photography


posted Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST


Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep of Mango Street have published a new video about color theory. Unless you're exclusively a monochrome photographer, and arguably even then color still matters considerably albeit in different ways, color is critical to making good images.

In the video below, Rachel and Daniel photograph a pair of models in varying locations with different color outfits and discuss how color psychology can work to change the feelings conveyed by your photos. Specifically, the duo works with pink and yellow this time, discussing the commonly-associated emotions with each color.

What other colors can you think of with emotional associations? Red and blue are common colors, do you think they can be used to convey certain emotions too? To see more from Rachel and Daniel, you can follow them on Instagram by clicking the links above.

(Via Mango Street)