Shutter Release: Large format landscapes, light metering guide, digital back for film camera & more


posted Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 9:45 AM EST


After a busy day of Adobe announcements yesterday, we're back to our regular Shutter Release feature. Today we have four pieces of photography content to share with you, starting with a neat video about using front tilt in large format photography. Next up is an article explaining metering modes. Third is a video with professional photographer Brian Smith about using strobes on location. We finish with a Kickstarter campaign to turn old 35mm film cameras into digital cameras leveraging the power of Raspberry pi.

Shutter Release is an ongoing feature at Imaging Resource wherein we share and summarize interesting photography articles and videos we find around the web.

Front tilt in large format photography - Fstoppers

As Alex Cooke at Fstoppers points out, large format cameras are very technical. They come with a significant challenge but photographer Ben Horne is able to use the high-end equipment to capture stunning photography.

Front tilt in large format photography gives you the ability to take your plane of focus from being parallel with your film plane and adjust it to different angles. In a landscape image, you often have objects you want in focus from the foreground through to the background. If you can set your front tilt correctly, you can get the entire depth of the image reasonably sharp.

Understanding your camera's light meter and metering modes - Fstoppers

Tihomir Lazarov has written a very helpful article for Fstoppers which discusses your camera's internal light meter and typical metering modes. It's a great guide to metering for beginner photographers.

Brian Smith takes strobes on location - ISO 1200

Pro photographer and Sony Artisan Brian Smith is well-known for his portraiture work and also for his use of strobes on location. A new video from Sony Alpha Universe, seen below, shows Smith using strobes on location to photograph martial artists. It's an action-packed video and a neat behind-the-scenes look at Smith working.

I'm Back 35mm Digital Back on Kickstarter

There is a new Kickstarter campaign for a product which takes your analog camera and converts it to digital using Raspberry pi Zero. Per the Kickstarter campaign, the final production I'm Back will use a 16-megapixel digital image sensor to capture an image of a focusing screen that is placed where the film would typically be located. You can learn more about the campaign in the video below and by clicking here.