DxO announces new PhotoLab software, featuring everything from OpticsPro plus much more


posted Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 9:00 AM EDT


DxO OpticsPro is no more. However, don't panic, as the software has been rebranded and relaunched as DxO PhotoLab. There's much more than a name change here too as the software now features comprehensive local adjustments leveraging the power of Nik's U Point technology. That's right, DxO has acquired the Nik technology from Google, which you can read more about here.

With its new local adjustment technology, DxO PhotoLab combines DxO's renowned RAW processing, noise reduction and sharpening technology with Nik's outstanding, and in this writer's opinion still unmatched, U Point technology. OpticsPro may no longer exist, but the DxO PRIME noise reduction technology and DxO Smart Lighting exposure adjustments are still fully intact and better than ever with new local adjustment tools.

In addition to the U Point technology, there is now an auto mask retouching tool which allows for precise selections and a new graduated filter feature. These are similar to Control Points, but offer a different approach to localized editing and include fine-tuned control over adjustments such as exposure, contrast, white balance, micro-contrast, vibrancy, sharpness and a new bokeh effect. All of the controls are located above the image, right next to the area you are working on.


There is also a new repair tool, which has been rebuilt from the ground up. The interface is similar, but the algorithms that power the tool have been redone, offering faster and better results.

If you're new to DxO's software solutions, you might be unfamiliar with one of their biggest features, Lens Sharpness. This technology was featured in OpticsPro for over a decade and leverages the in-depth data that DxO has collected in its laboratory for over 40,000 camera and lens combinations. The lens sharpness tool accounts for equipment and settings to provide optimal corrections to sharpness across the field of view of the lens. Combining Lens Sharpness with DxO PRIME noise reduction can lead to very impressive results.


What will all these new features cost? Through November 30th, DxO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL will cost $99 and DxO PhotoLab ELITE will cost $149. Starting December 1st, the software will go up to $129 and $199 respectively. For anyone who has DxO OpticsPro, you can access special upgrade prices by signing into your customer account at DxO.com. If you purchased OpticsPro on or after September 1st, you can get PhotoLab for free. DxO PhotoLab is available for PC and Mac and can be purchased here.

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