3 major photography misconceptions and how to avoid making these beginner mistakes


posted Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


Mango Street, which comprises Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep, have made a new video covering three major misconceptions they hear a lot from beginner photographers.

First up is the idea that professional photographers all shoot manual focus. While it's likely the case that most pros would be comfortable using manual focus in a pinch, and sometimes it is necessary, a lot of professionals utilize the excellent autofocus systems in today's best cameras. There's a good reason that professional cameras such as the Nikon D5 and Sony A9 offer those company's best autofocus technologies. As Rachel and Daniel point out, this misconception could arise from people hearing the term "manual shooting," which often refers to photographers manually controlling the shutter speed, aperture and ISO rather than manually focusing.

The second common misconception regards camera settings and images looking similar. People often ask other photographers what they use for settings, which can be helpful, but that information alone won't allow you to capture the same image as someone else. There are other aspects at play, including quality of light and colors in the scene, which make a big difference in how the final image will look. Not only that, of course, but post-processing is very personal and many professionals have their own style which cannot be replicated solely through camera settings.

To see the third major misconception, check out the video below. You can see more videos from Mango Street by visiting their YouTube channel.

(Via Mango Street)