Phlearn Q&A: Learn about ISO, tablets, watermarks, natural-looking portraits with on-camera flash & more


posted Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT


Aaron Nace of Phlearn has published a new video focused on creating natural lighting using on-camera flash and choosing the right ISO for your camera along with answering a variety of other questions. The video below is part of the Phlearn Q&A series in which Nace answers viewer questions.

While Nace answers several questions in the video, covering topics such as ISO, pressure-sensitive tablets and watermarks, I think that the most interesting section is about using on-camera flash while maintaining a natural look. You don't necessarily need off-camera flash to capture nice portrait images. While an off-camera flash is often one of the first purchases beginning photographers make when they start shooting portraits, it is not always needed to take a good portrait.

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(Via Phlearn