What can photography offer you? What photography means to landscape photographer Nigel Danson


posted Monday, November 6, 2017 at 5:30 PM EDT


Landscape photographer Nigel Danson recently headed to the Lake District in England for some landscape photography. In the video below, which goes behind the scenes with Danson, he discusses the "why" of photography. Why is landscape photography so important to him?

For Danson, photography takes on a special importance in part because he's dyslexic. This caused him many struggles as a child and continues to impact his ability to comfortably read. As he struggled with school, photography proved to be an outlet for him. Looking back, he realizes that he always placed a great emphasis on images which accompanied text in part because he likes photography, but also because he had to glean more meaning from the images versus the text than children who weren't dyslexic.

It's always interesting to hear what photography means to different photographers. Everyone has their own story and photography has impacted their lives in different ways. While we all pick up our first camera for different reasons, photography can offer universal benefits. Learn what Danson believes these benefits are and see some awesome landscape photography in the video below.

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(Via Nigel Danson)