Panasonic G9 Review: Hands-on with the best-performing, fullest-featured Lumix still shooter ever


posted Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 5:00 AM EDT



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Over the last decade and a half, Panasonic has made some mighty cool cameras, and we've enjoyed reviewing many of them ourselves. Today, it surpasses them all for sheer still shooting performance, feature set and image quality too, with the arrival of the brand-new Panasonic G9 compact system camera!

We'll just hit the high points really quickly here, and then you can hop on over to the first phase of our Panasonic G9 Review, which kicks off with a look at the new camera's feature set, as well as real-world thoughts on shooting with the Lumix G9. The new model sports a brand-new, more comfortable and control-rich body that's newly freezeproof, sports a very generously-sized electronic viewfinder, shoots 20-megapixel images at 20 frames per second with continuous AF (and 60 without!), is said to offer the fastest single-point focus speed of any camera to date, and includes the most powerful image stabilization of any Lumix camera as well, at 6.5 stops corrective strength.


Want the full story? Hop on over now to our just-published Panasonic G9 Preview for hands-on thoughts on the best-performing, fullest-featured Lumix still shooter we've ever seen!

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