Fashionable film: Stylish Elbaflex Nikon-mount 35mm analog SLR camera hits Kickstarter


posted Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 4:00 PM EDT


If you have any old Nikon-mount film lenses you'd like to get more use out of, a new Kickstarter campaign from Ihagee may well be of interest. The German and Ukrainian camera specialists have created a new 35mm Nikon-mount analog camera, the Elbaflex.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, film isn't dead. Not only is it not dead, but in some ways, it seems to be rising in popularity again. While some film stocks continue to be phased out each year, newcomers have hit the scene as well. The Ihagee Elbaflex has a classic design with a wooden grip, which will come in four leather coating options.

Some of the specifications include a fully mechanical shutter, vertical metal slot closure, frame counter, eye-level SLR pentaprism, re-wind lever, flash PC socket, a 1/60s flash sync speed, hot shoe, 1/4-inch tripod socket and a metal body with a 650-gram weight. For full specification information, click here.

The stylish camera comes at a high cost after this Kickstarter campaign. If you order before 10:00 am ET on November 15, you can purchase an Elbaflex of your own for $499. If you miss your chance then, you'll have to pay at least $529. The retail launch price is expected to be around $1,500, so being an early backer comes with a large discount.

If you'd like your new analog camera with a lens, there are three options available, ranging from $1,299 to $1,499 with three different lens options. To see the options, click here. For early backers, delivery may begin in July of 2018 with other deliveries expected to take place the following month.

(Via Nikon Rumors)