What lighting techniques should every videographer know?


posted Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 6:00 PM EDT


Jay P. Morgan with The Slanted Lens has been featured on Imaging Resource numerous times for his excellent videos about portraiture and lighting. However, he is also a videographer and his latest video, seen below, shows us lighting techniques every videographer should know.

Unlike still photography, you need a continuous light source for shooting video. This changes lighting in a few different ways, including how you can and should modify your light source. Even a single LED light can prove very useful when shooting video. A great starting point is a 7-inch reflector, which amplifies your light source and offers flexibility. In addition to the reflector, Morgan also shows the real-time lighting effects of different light modifiers, including grids. To see more lighting tricks for videographers, watch the video below.

To see more videos from Jay P. Morgan, head over to his Slanted Lens YouTube channel.

(Via The Slanted Lens)