How to identify and solve issues with color cast using white balance presets and custom Kelvin values


posted Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT


As part of his Beyond Photography YouTube channel, photographer Andrew Boey has released a new video all about white balance and color cast. In the video below, he discusses white balance presets and how to understand and use custom Kelvin temperature values to dial in the perfect white balance, even in challenging lighting scenarios.

Automatic white balance is great in many situations, but in some cases, low light scenarios in particular, automatic white balance often delivers strange and unnatural-looking results. What can you do when this happens? You can try a white balance preset first. Even these don't always work well though. When a preset doesn't deliver the desired results, a custom white balance is your best bet. Learn how to identify and rectify color cast issues in Boey's video below.

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(Via Beyond Photography