The importance of a foreground element in your seascape composition


posted Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 8:30 AM EDT


It may seem insignificant when faced with a beautiful scene, particularly on the beach at sunset, but the foreground element is absolutely critical to a good composition. In a recent sunset stroll, photographer and educator Serge Ramelli spent much of his time exploring the area and finding the right foreground element for his photo.

It can be easy to become lost in the nice colors of a sunrise or sunset or focus on getting the right shutter speed for the waves - which are of course important - but the foreground makes or breaks your overall composition. Without a foreground element, it is very difficult to structure your photograph to lead the viewer's eye through the scene. You want to tell a story, after all, and a story needs multiple parts that are all working together.

(Via Serge Ramelli