Think Tank Photo releases Video Tripod Manager 44, perfect for transporting large, heavy-duty tripods


posted Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 11:35 AM EDT


While we know many of you are focused on stills photography, there are many video users who peruse our site as well. Video is typically only as good as it is steady. A dedicated video tripod can be very large and heavy and it is not always easy to transport. Think Tank Photo has released a new rolling tripod case to help you, the Video Tripod Manager 44.

The new rolling case is not only ideal for video tripods up to 40 inches in length, but can also work well for slider systems, which many time-lapse photographers utilize. The case can also be used to safely store and transport various stands, such as lighting stands. The case has eight handles, internal tie-down straps, a cushioned interior, organizational pockets, a lock and cable system, a water repellant design and user-replaceable wheels.

You can special order your own Think Tank Photo Video Tripod Manager 44 at B&H for just under US$350.