Is Adobe’s new Auto button in ACR and Lightroom worth using? Pro puts it to the test


posted Friday, December 15, 2017 at 10:15 AM EST


Earlier this week, Adobe updated their entire suite of Lightroom software, including a big improvement to the "auto" editing functionality. Blake Rudis of f64 Academy has published a new video about the updated "Auto" button. Is Adobe's new algorithm any good? Is it worth using the "Auto" button in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom?

Rudis himself has actually long been a fan of the Auto button. He usually adjusts the sliders further, but he likes to see what the software believes makes his image better before he performs his own edits. He states that in the past, the Auto button would create a good result about half of the time. Is it better now? Find out in the video below.

To see more videos like this, head over to the f64 Academy YouTube channel.

(Via f64 Academy