Manny Ortiz demonstrates the adaptability of the Sony A7R III with Canon 200mm f/2 lens


posted Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 9:59 AM EST


One of the most popular aspects of Sony mirrorless cameras is that you can adapt a wide variety of lenses to the cameras while maintaining autofocus features and functionality. For example, you can attach a Canon lens to your Sony camera and keep full eye autofocus. In the video below, photographer Manny Ortiz recently attached a Canon 200mm f/2 lens to his Sony A7R III. To adapt the lens to the A7R III, Ortiz used the Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter, which can be purchased here for $250.

In the video below, Ortiz used the Canon 200mm f/2 on a photoshoot. The fast telephoto prime delivers great image quality and beautiful bokeh. As we can see, the face detect and eye autofocus also works very well with the adapted lens. As Sony continues to expand its native lens lineup, it's great for Sony users to be able to fill in the gaps with adapted optics. It's also an attractive aspect of the Sony mirrorless system for users with a lot of DSLR lenses.

(Via Manny Ortiz