Shutter Release: Turning on lights in Lightroom, creating reflections and fixing Sony’s camera menus


posted Monday, January 22, 2018 at 10:15 AM EST


It's been a long time, but Shutter Release has returned. There is a lot of interesting photography content out there and we want to share as much of it as possible with you. Today's mix of content includes a neat Lightroom trick for "turning on the lights" in your images, a tutorial for making a reflection in Photoshop and a photographer's ideas for how to improve Sony's menu system.

Using the adjustment brush in Lightroom to "turn on the lights" - Lightroom Killer Tips

How often do you take an image of a building, either inside or out, and the lights aren't on or at least don't appear to be on in your image? It happens quite frequently. In most cases, your photograph would be better if the lights were illuminated. It's actually not difficult to use the adjustment brush within Adobe Lightroom to "turn on the lights," so to speak, and you can learn how right here.

Creating a water reflection in Photoshop - Fstoppers

Over at Tech Genie, Matthew and Sebastian are showing off how to create a realistic reflection in Photoshop. It's not easy to create natural-looking objects in Photoshop, but the Tech Genie guys deliver the goods here, so be sure to check it out.

Fixing Sony's menu system - Sony Alpha Rumors

Camera tech reviewer Maarten Heilbron has worked with many Sony cameras and he finds that they are often very good in terms of performance and imaging technology. We here at Imaging Resource would agree with that. Maarten goes on to say that their menu system is less impressive, and I would certainly agree with him there. No camera menu system I've used has been perfect, but Sony's typically feel particularly obtuse. Maarten has some ideas for how to improve Sony camera menus, discussed in the video below. Let us know if you agree with his ideas or what you'd like Sony to do differently.