Two landscape videos showcase how to handle great versus undesirable conditions


posted Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST


We have a pair of landscape-centric videos to share with you today. They both feature beautiful landscape images, but the two photographers headed out into the field with different approaches. On the one hand, Nigel Danson was ecstatic in England to head out into fresh snow. Inspired by the beautiful conditions, he was ready to go shooting. On the other hand, Adam Gibbs has felt a bit unmotivated lately as conditions he has encountered have not been very favorable to shooting. If you've done much landscape photography, you likely know first-hand what it's like when the weather is dreary, and the scenery just isn't popping. Nonetheless, Gibbs packed his gear and went to explore a new area, hoping to find inspiration once he got there.

Let's start first with Danson, who is specifically in the Peak District National Park. It's before sunrise, fresh snow is on the ground and it's essentially a winter wonderland. The area is familiar to Danson, but the snow completely changes the landscape.

In the video below, Danson discusses his planning and composition in the field. It helps illustrate the importance of taking in your scene, understanding your lenses and slowing down to consider your options. Sometimes an amazing scene doesn't translate into a strong photograph, so you need to ensure that you are scanning scenes looking for strong compositional elements, even if that means zeroing in on something small and simple within the larger vista.

In the next video, Adam Gibbs heads out into an area he'd never been before. The weather was mediocre and the fog was dense, which derailed his original photo expedition plans.

While conditions weren't great and Gibbs wasn't familiar with the location, he still came away with not only new knowledge and experience, but some really nice images too. All of his images were captured using a Nikon D850 camera and 24-120mm f/4 lens.

(Via Nigel Danson and Adam Gibbs