Skylum Software adds four well-known professional photographers to its new ambassador program


posted Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 4:00 PM EDT


Skylum Software, formerly known as Macphun, has added a quartet of professional photographers to its ambassador team. The new group comprises Matthew Jordan Smith, Dixie Dixon, Jerry Ghionis and Joel Grimes. All four are widely-known, successful professional photographers and they will be tasked with helping Skylum refine and develop their software and also create educational content for users.

Looking closer at the four photographers, Smith is a New York-based portrait photographer who has done extensive commercial work for many magazines and fashion agencies. Dixon is a fashion and lifestyle photographer and you may recognize her from her work as a Nikon ambassador. Ghionis is a wedding photographer who has been recognized for his creative take on the genre. Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer who has worked assignments in over 50 countries.

Copyright Joel Grimes

Of the new group of ambassadors, CEO of Skylum, Alex Tsepko, says "We are very pleased to welcome the initial members of our Luminary Team. We plan to use their photography expertise to design software solutions that benefit all photographers. We're honored to have such experts helping us to improve our tools. It's also exciting that they will help inspire and educate photographers on how to make better photos, both in-camera and at a computer."

The new president of US Operations for Skylum, Scott Bourne, adds "The new team of Skylum brand ambassadors starts with three well-known portrait artists, but will eventually grow to represent all genres of photography. We decided to launch the influencer team with some of the biggest names in the business. These four new team members bring great photographic skill, vision and ideas that we will use to move the company forward."

Copyright Dixie Dixon

For more information on the new Skylum Ambassadors, click here. Stay tuned to Imaging Resource for more information on upcoming software from Skylum, including big updates to Luminar in 2018.