How you can utilize household lamps for excellent portrait lighting


posted Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST


Portrait photographer Irene Rudnyk regularly posts tutorials and behind the scenes videos on her YouTube channel. Her latest video is an interesting look at using table lamps to light your portrait subjects. It's not unusual for photographers to seek alternatives to expensive full studio lighting setups and it's often the case that items found around the home or office can deliver nice, interesting light.

Using a combination of natural light through a window and a tungsten table lamp, Rudnyk captured beautiful, natural-looking portraits in a small space with no need for large dedicated lighting setups. Using lamps means that you don't have a lot of light output, however, so a fast lens and large aperture setting is a must.

It's refreshing to see what a talented photographer can do with a small lighting setup and household items. Of course, the hair and makeup work and gifted model didn't hurt either. If you're looking for a new lighting technique or just want to see a portrait photographer at work, watch the video below.

(Via Irene Rudnyk