Looking into the frame: Subject placement can dramatically change the feel of your portrait


posted Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT


Back with another episode in his regular "Two Minute Tips" video series, photographer David Bergman has a great tip for placing your subject within the frame. Bergman, a Canon Explorer of Light, is a very experienced photographer so he certainly knows a thing or two about great composition.

Bergman says that it can be tempting, especially when you're just starting with photography, to place your portrait subject in the center of the frame and have them look straight at the camera. Sometimes it works well and looks good, but you can often have a more interesting image by placing your subject on the left part of the frame and having them look into the middle of the frame. A small shift in subject placement and positioning relative to the camera can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your photo.

(Via Adorama