Testing his limits, Ben Horne heads back to Death Valley with his large-format film cameras


posted Monday, February 12, 2018 at 5:30 PM EDT


We've seen a number of videos of Ben Horne as he shot in Zion National Park and it's fascinating to see a large format film photographer at work. In his latest video, he is in a very different location, Death Valley. Like Zion, it's a place that Horne has visited before.

Of Death Valley, he says it's a place that "forces you to work for every photo, but hard work alone doesn't guarantee success. For every moment you're rewarded with ideal conditions, there lies a trail of shattered expectation, frustration and self-doubt." Last year, Horne was in Death Valley and the trip destroyed a pair of his cameras and disabled his truck. Did it go well for Horne this time? Find out below.

Horne will have more videos from Death Valley soon, so stay tuned to Imaging Resource for more. You can also head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe to stay current.

(Via Ben Horne)