Shrink-ray street-shooter: The Panasonic GX9 is smaller, more affordable, yet promises better IQ


posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 9:01 AM EDT


If you're a Micro Four Thirds fan who loves shooting stealthily, there's good news for you today from Panasonic. The company has just launched the 20.3-megapixel Panasonic GX9, a followup to 2015's popular GX8 that, first and foremost, looks to be focused on reducing size *and* cost. There are nevertheless new features aplenty in the GX9, but admittedly a few areas in which features had to be dialed back a little too, as you'll learn in our just-published and in-progress Panasonic GX9 review!

The hardware inside the GX9's trimmed-down body brings promised improvements in image quality, stabilization, autofocus and shutter shock. Panasonic has also added a new popup flash strobe for those times when you leave your external strobe behind, as well as a Bluetooth radio to supplement the existing Wi-Fi for an always-on connection. And there's plenty else besides, including a host of new 4K Photo tools that make the clever high-res stills-from-video function even cooler than ever! (Much cooler, actually, and stay tuned for more on that shortly.)


Available from mid-March 2018, the Panasonic GX9 is priced at around US$800 body-only, or US$1,000 in a kit with Lumix 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. There's also an accessory eyecup available for $19.99, and a new optional grip for $59.99 (the grip will also retro-fit the GX85!).

Find out the full story in our in-depth Panasonic GX9 review, complete with a real-world field test and even lab samples, available now!

Panasonic GX9 Review
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