“Through the Lens” turns its focus toward pair who found inspiration behind the camera


posted Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 10:30 AM EDT


In the latest season of Adorama's "Through the Lens," Sal D'Alia has taken his show to Canada. We saw the first two episodes last week (click here for the first episode and here for the second). In the third and fourth episodes, seen below, we go behind the scenes with an adventure photographer and a portrait and landscape photographer.

First up is Taylor Michael Burk. Burk is from Edmonton, Alberta but has since headed west to Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up as a self-described "city boy," it was quite a shift for him to become a travel adventure photographer. Through his interest in photography, Burk has learned to appreciate nature and find the beauty in life's little moments. To learn more about him and his work, check out the video below.

The fourth episode of the fifth season of "Through the Lens" follows photographer Wayne Simpson. Simpson lives in Ontario and got his start in photography through graphic design. He found that he wasn't being given the creative flexibility he desired, so he got behind a camera instead. Simpson does portraiture and landscape photography and it's interesting how he combines the two very different genres in his work.

Stay tuned to Imaging Resource for more new episodes of "Through the Lens" and you can follow each of the two featured photographers above on Instagram by clicking the following links: Taylor Michael Burk and Wayne Simpson.

(Via Adorama