Choosing the right gear and camera settings for awesome night photography


posted Monday, March 5, 2018 at 5:30 PM EST


There's something particularly fun about night photography. It's typically slower-paced and more methodical in part because of the challenges associated with shooting at night. You need a tripod in most cases as you will often need long shutter speeds. Depending on your subject, a fast lens may or may not be necessary, but night shooting certainly places different kinds of demands on your photo gear.

Photographer and educator Doug McKinlay has an ongoing video series with Adorama TV, "Stay Focused," in which he discusses a wide array of photography topics and offers numerous lessons. In his most recent episode, seen below, McKinlay discusses dusk and night photography. In particular, he is photographing in London and using neutral density filters, cable releases and dialing in camera settings to avoid excessive visual noise and blur moving subjects.

(Via Adorama)