Calling all bird photographers! A chance to win prizes and help a good cause along the way


posted Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 9:27 AM EST


The Pacific Wildlife Foundation is now accepting submissions for their 2018 Bird Photography Contest, and we at IR wanted to let our esteemed readers know about it. The international contest awards a Grand Prize of a new Nikon DSLR along with $500 CDN, while second and third prizes of $500 CDN and $250 CDN are also awarded.

There is an entry fee of $25, but the fee is only to fund the contest and to support the not-for-profit work of the foundation, so we felt like this was a suitable condition for requiring an entry fee. As you IR regulars know from some previous experiences, we've had our doubts about contest validity in the past, but this one seems very much legitimate and worthy.

So, here's your chance to gain recognition, possibly win a prize and also support wildlife, all in one fell swoop (bird pun intended). So get out there and get shooting! The contest awaits you.

Pacific Wildlife Foundation 2018 Bird Photo Contest

For inspiration please see IR's own Photo of the Day contest. We receive so many good bird submissions that we've reserved a day of the week (Tuesday) as "Bird Photo Day" and as you look back over the past year you will see many terrific shots from the likes of Linn Smith, Debra Dorothy, Robert Kaplan, Morris Bennett Altman and others. (I had to laugh when I realized that today is Tuesday, and sure enough we have a nice birding image on display for you from Paul Wullum with a Nikon D7100.)  

Our contest of course is ongoing, but the Pacific Wildlife Bird Contest does have a deadline of June 1st, 2018. That gives you plenty of forthcoming spring days to work with as the wild world comes alive! Please remember to respect all natural wildlife, and also to remember that baiting and luring are very much not allowed by the contest. For all official rules please see the contest page for more!

Pacific Wildlife Foundation 2018 Bird Photo Contest