How much did the world’s most expensive camera sell for at a recent auction in Vienna?


posted Monday, March 12, 2018 at 9:45 AM EST


If you thought brand-new Leica cameras were expensive, then a recently-auctioned Leica prototype camera will blow your mind.

At the Westlicht camera auction in Vienna, a Leica O Series prototype has been sold for 2.4 million euros. That's equivalent to nearly US$3 million and six times the opening price for the camera. The camera has a serial number of 122 and is said to be in "fantastic original condition." The latest O series auctioned off tops the previous-record for the most expensive camera ever, a record held by a different O Series camera.

The Leica O-series cameras were made in 1923, which is two years before Leica cameras first hit the market. Camera mechanic Ernst Leitz produced around 25 prototypes, of which only a trio of them are known to remain in original condition.

(Via DW