Scouting and searching for compelling landscape compositions


posted Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 1:30 PM EST


Photographer Adam Gibbs spends a lot of time on and around Vancouver Island. This area is rich with beautiful scenes of nature. However, it is not an area conducive to simply pointing and clicking. Its forests are complex and its waterways meandering, so you really need to put a lot of careful thought and consideration into how you compose the frame. It's hard to turn interesting chaos into beautiful simplicity.

You'll learn right off the bat in the video below that Gibbs is visiting an unfamiliar area. He's on an "exploratory trip." Scouting a location is very important, but there are better ways to scout to ensure that you get the most you can out of the trip. Gibbs also goes through his thought process when he is searching for compositions. To learn his tips, check out the video.

(Via Adam Gibbs