More megapixels! Ben Horne pixel peeps a 709.6-megapixel scan of 8 x 10 slide film


posted Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT


If you thought that 40-50 megapixels was a lot, a high-resolution drum scan of one of Ben Horne's recent 8 x 10 slide film photos will awe you. His drum scan was done by photographer Michael Strickland, who Horne highly recommends for high-resolution scanning work.

Horne himself has an Epson flatbed scanner, which he states can make nice scans up to 100 megapixels. If you want something larger and higher resolution, however, you need a drum scanner. These types of scanners are expensive but create excellent results. Horne decided to do a bit of an experiment and see how good the results would be from his friend Michael's drum scanner and what sort of quality you can expect from such a massive scan.

To deliver the massive 700-plus megapixel file, Strickland scanned the top half and the bottom half of the slide separately and then merged the two files. How does it look? Check it out in the video below.

(Via Ben Horne