Adorama Spotlight on Brendan Moran: Sports photography continues to evolve


posted Friday, April 6, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT


For even the most casual of sports fans, it is likely not difficult to imagine a defining sports image. Perhaps it's a portrait of a legendary athlete or a defining moment in a championship game. For many of us, sports occupy an important place in our lives and memorable sports images help create a tangible connection to a feeling or moment in time. 

For European sports fans in particular, photographer Brendan Moran, oftentimes known as "Bren," may very well be responsible for some of your favorite shots from the field, ring and pitch. He has covered a wide range of sports for over 25 years including hurling and Gaelic football in Ireland and rugby, soccer, basketball and much more. He's shot five Summer Olympic Games, 8 UEFA Champions League Finals and has traveled around the world capturing epic sports images.

In the latest episode of Spotlight, Adorama has taken a closer look at Bren's work and the history of his photography.

(Via Adorama)