Sony A7 III First Shots: Sony’s super-versatile full-frame mirrorless camera arrives in our testing lab


posted Monday, April 9, 2018 at 4:00 PM EST

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Sony shows no sign of slowing down on its path to dominate the full-frame camera market. Its latest model, the super-versatile Sony A7 Mark III, is perhaps one of its most intriguing. Sporting an all-new 24MP sensor along with many of the well-received performance upgrades seen on the higher-end A9 and A7R III, such as their super-fast AF engine, 10fps shooting, dual SD slots and the new long-lasting battery. All this in a package that hits right at that US$2,000 sweet spot -- a price point that's within reason for many advanced and serious photographers. The A7 III is a lot of camera for the money!

Now, just prior to reaching store shelves, we've received our Sony A7 III review sample, and of course, it immediately went down to the lab. As always, we start the lab testing with our "First Shots' series of sample images. For those new around here, our First Shots series offers a quick way to assess a camera's image quality across its ISO range. Using our standard Still Life scene, we have straight-from-camera JPEGs as well as raws -- at both default noise reduction processing and with NR disabled -- that let you evaulate image quality as well as compare these standardized shots against any other camera we've tested using our Comparometer.

Head over to our A7 III Samples Page to start pixel-peeping. And to get the comparison juices flowing, below are a couple side-by-side comparisons showing the Sony A7 III against its predecessor as well as another popular full-frame camera.

Sony A7 III vs. A7 II

Base ISO (100): Sony A7 III (left) vs. Sony A7 II (right)
ISO 6400: Sony A7 III (left) vs. Sony A7 II (right)


Sony A7 III vs. Canon 5D Mark IV

Base ISO (100): Sony A7 III (left) vs. Canon 5D Mark IV (right)
ISO 6400: Sony A7 III (left) vs. Canon 5D Mark IV (right)

Stay tune for more of our Sony A7 III Review!

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