Take a load off with the help of SuperStraps: Backpack accessory can reduce tension in your neck


posted Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT


For photographers who carry around a lot of heavy gear in a backpack, which I think is many of us, then you might have first-hand experience with neck and back pain. While modern bags are very well-designed, it's still the case that some users may experience back and neck tension after wearing heavy backpacks for extended periods of time. Enter SuperStraps, an ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

SuperStraps is a backpack booster which acts to lift up to 27 pounds of force off your neck. It works by going underneath your existing strap and then arcing outward, redistributing the weight of your pack over a larger surface area. It's a simple concept and this simplicity allows it to be easily attached to any backpack's straps.

The project has already been successfully backed with nearly two weeks left in the campaign. You can get SuperStraps for as little as US$49 still, which is much less than the eventual retail price of $75.