3 tips for composing landscape images: How to successfully lead the viewer’s eyes around the frame


posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT


If light is the most important aspect of a photo, composition is a very close second. There are many rules about composition and there are a near-infinite number of ways you can arrange a particular landscape scene, even a particularly famous or oft-photographed one. Do you opt for a tried-and-true approach, sticking with something like the rule of thirds? Or, do you get more creative, perhaps try something which breaks photographic conventions?

Photographer Mads Peter Iversen has published a new video featuring three tips for composing a landscape photograph. He says that the three tips should be more considered tools which you can use to create better images. Ultimately, your composition should be motivated by what you hope to accomplish with any particular shot. How can you arrange the scene to better tell your story?

One way is through the use of framing. You can frame your subject to emphasize the subject and draw your viewer's attention toward it. Iversen regularly looks for some sort of natural frame in his images, be it tree branches or perhaps even just a darker bank of clouds (which of course can be created in Photoshop or by using a graduated neutral density filter) to help keep the viewer's eyes within your shot. To see his other two composition tips, watch his video below.

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(Via Mads Peter Iversen