All about the new Adobe Profiles: What they are and how to create your own


posted Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 9:30 AM EDT


Earlier this month, Adobe released a massive update to their Lightroom software which added numerous new features, but the biggest was likely the new Profiles system.

To help shed some light on Profiles, Adobe has released a new blog post which contains a ton of great information. You can learn a lot about the new profiles themselves by clicking here. The linked article above offers a deep technical dive into profiles, how they work, why they're needed and how different RAW files are handled and processed by photography software. Further, it looks at what's new about the new Adobe Color profile and how it compares to the Adobe Standard profile. If you've ever wondered why RAW files look different in various RAW editors or what goes into making a RAW file appear on your screen as an actual image, head here and take a look. That article also looks at the additional new Adobe profiles, including Vivid, Portrait and more.

Once you understand how profiles work in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, it might be time to make your own profile to dial in the specific look you want for your images. The process can be quite complex, but you can see how it works in the video below.

Further, Adobe today released an update to Lightroom Classic, version 7.3.1, which fixes a number of bugs which users reported in 7.3. You can see the list of fixes here.