Adorama Spotlight: Editorial photographer David Creedon offers advice on storytelling


posted Friday, April 27, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT


In a new episode of Adorama's Spotlight video series, the camera is turned toward yet another Irish photographer. This time it's Cork-based David Creedon, who specializes in editorial portraiture and has been awarded many photography awards throughout his career.

Creedon has a deep connection to his subjects and he is meticulous with how he crafts images and tells stories. His history with photography started when he thought that having a camera would be a good way to attract girls in his early teenage years. While he laughs that the tactic may not have worked, he became very interested in photography and started taking his camera to local concerts, finding himself fascinated with the lighting. If you'd like to learn more about light and how to tell more powerful stories through photography, the video below should prove very interesting.

To view more of David Creedon's work, visit his website.

(Via Adorama