Lighting men versus women: Adorama OnSet with Daniel Norton


posted Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT


Earlier this week, Adorama streamed a new OnSet video with photographer and educator Daniel Norton. In the replay of the stream below, Norton breaks down some different standard ways to light men versus women.

Of course, rules are not meant to be followed religiously and you can capture great images by violating norms in photography, but it's nevertheless important, particularly if you are still getting your feet wet with portraiture and lighting, to know some of the basic building blocks for how to set up your lighting and how to best accentuate your subject's features. There is such a thing as masculine versus feminine lighting and setting up each lighting style requires different settings, positions and modifiers.

To see more videos like the one below, be sure to head over to Adorama's YouTube channel and keep an eye out for their live streams, which present an opportunity for you to participate in real-time with their educators.

(Via Adorama