Seascape photography on the Icelandic coast: Choosing composition and camera settings


posted Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 12:29 PM EDT


Landscapes and seascapes may seem similar, and in many ways, they are, but they each provide their own unique challenges. Photographer Mads Peter Iversen was recently in Iceland with fellow photographer Nigel Danson, and they did some seascape photography, among many other types of photography.

In the video below, Iversen discusses light, composition, settings and more with respect to seascape photography. When shooting along the ocean, there are many things to consider. How much ocean do you want in your composition? How much sky? Can you find a foreground element and utilize leading lines? Should you use a long exposure to smooth out the ocean or would you prefer to capture the raw power of the sea with a faster shutter speed? There are often rapidly-changing weather conditions along the coast as well, and tidal changes, so there's much to consider. Join Iversen along the Icelandic coast in the video below.

If you think the location appears familiar, we did join Nigel Danson in his video published last month. You can catch up with that video below.

(Via Mads Peter Iversen