The ultimate video guide to predicting, planning, shooting and processing northern lights photos


posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT


There's something particularly special about aurora photography. How else can you explain photographers heading out in the middle of the night just for a typically small chance at photographing the brilliant natural phenomenon? Even if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere near the poles, which grants you a much better opportunity at seeing and shooting auroras, there's still a lot of planning, luck and patience which comes into play.

For photographer Mads Peter Iversen, the northern lights are one of his favorite subjects and he is a bona fide expert at shooting them. In his video below, he covers how to predict aurora and what sort of weather you should look for when shooting. Once you have a good opportunity, what camera settings should you use? Iversen covers this topic as well.

If you find the video above interesting and helpful, you should consider purchasing Iversen's new tutorial, which covers how to create brilliant northern light composite images. It's one thing to have a nice image of the sky, but to take your work to even greater heights, you need to have an interesting foreground as well. This typically requires stitching together multiple images captured with different exposure settings. To learn more about the tutorial, click here. To view more of Iversen's work, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

(Via Mads Peter Iversen