How to order retouching and sharpening when working on portraits and much more


posted Friday, June 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST


Earlier this month, Aaron of Phlearn held a live Q&A session on YouTube with his co-host Shiree which clocks in at over two hours long. If you click the video below to watch it on YouTube, you can see the description for time stamps. The video is focused on retouching and sharpening images, which is a very broad topic, of course. When retouching and sharpening images, there are many different types of questions you need to answer, including the order of operations.

For example, Julia from Argentina asked about sharpening an image at full size and then if you need to sharpen or process the image again later if you want to display it at a smaller size. Val from Cheyenne asked about the order for retouching in general. If you are interested in portraits and retouching, it's a must-watch video. If you want to skip some dead air, head to roughly the 11:30 mark.

(Via Phlearn