The Canon 5D Mark IV’s video is, perhaps surprisingly, in a really good place right now


posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 4:43 PM EST

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When the Canon 5D Mark IV debuted a couple years ago, it was not met with particular applause. Quite the opposite actually, with fans uttering a collective "meh" at the DSLR, especially at its video capabilities. With the expectation of it being more like the Canon 1DX II, which has some truly excellent features, many were let down. But two years later and thanks to a C-Log update from Canon, the 5D Mark IV has aged rather well, and is still today a viable 4K video camera.

The 5D Mark IV had problems with pretty limited dynamic range, sub-par ISO performance, and a really dramatic crop when shooting in 4K. With the addition of C-Log though, two of those major detractors vanish. C-Log improves color, sharpness, dynamic range, and ISO performance in big ways, and seeing the Canon's original Standard capture side-by-side is an eye-opening experience.

If you can get past the enormous 4K crop factor that to date has not been addressed (despite many rumors stating that firmware would come out that would reduce it), the current state of the 5D Mark IV is in a really good place.

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Canon 5D Mark IV Video Features & Analysis