Golden hour natural light portrait photoshoot with Jessica Kobeissi


posted Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST


Photographer and popular YouTuber Jessica Kobeissi recently did a golden hour natural light photoshoot with model Sydney Harper. In the video below, we go behind the scenes with Kobeissi as she works with some excellent natural light.

While relying on natural light does limit the times of day you can shoot, it also means that you can capture great shots without lighting equipment, which can be prohibitively expensive for photographers just starting out. That's not to say natural light is only for beginners, of course, but it's nonetheless a great entry point. To learn tips and tricks for working with a model and posing your subject, in addition to capitalizing on natural light, watch Kobeissi's video below.

(Via Jessica Kobeissi