MindShift Gear is fully merging with Think Tank today


posted Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 11:45 AM EST


This morning Think Tank announced that they were merging with their offshoot project brand MindShift and fully consolidating the two brands and teams. According to the press release, the combined company will be privately held and operate under the Think Tank brand. But don't think that will end the MindShift branding, if you're a fan of their product. MindShift will continue as a distinct product line for outdoor photography bags and accessories. Doug Murdoch, Think Tank's founder, president, and lead designer, will continue as Chairman of the Board and president of the combined company. Corporate headquarters will remain in Santa Rosa, CA. 

This announcement may be a bit confusing for some, as many were likely under the impression that MindShift was already just a product line under Think Tank. Legally though, the two businesses have always been separate. The companies are now merged with MindShift being the outdoor photo brand under Think Tank. This merger is mainly legal paperwork, but it actually should help Think Tank better assess its assets and create a more cohesive product line.