Adobe’s Rising Stars of 2018 shine light on photographers from around the world


posted Monday, August 6, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST


One of the best, and perhaps unexpected, aspects of the digital photography boom is that all around the world, people are able to capture and share their images without needing any sort of middle man. All around the world, photographers are capturing unique viewpoints and are able to share their stories with people thousands of miles away. The gaps between different cultures have never been narrower. Adobe wants to celebrate young photographers around the world with their new Rising Stars of Photography.

In total, Adobe has selected ten photographers, all from vastly different areas and utilizing distinct photographic styles. Let's take a look a quick look at the roster. There's Gabrielle Achadinha, a 26-year-old photographer from South Africa. Next is Sarah Blesener, 26, from the United States. Michael Theodric is the youngest photographer in the group at only 16 years of age. Michael is currently in high school in Indonesia. On the other end of the age spectrum, rising stars can be older, as proved by Mette Lampcov, a 50-year-old photographer from Denmark. Mette had spent her life as a goldsmith and jeweler before picking up photography six years ago, focusing primarily on documentary photography. An interior designer by trade, American Eza Chung is 27 and began taking photos five years ago to help her with her job.

Adobe Rising Stars 2018

Having had her camera for only three years, 23-year-old Irynka Hromotska from Ukraine utilized YouTube video tutorials to help her learn more about her camera and photography. Her projects center around women's rights. A bit to her west, Sunny Herzinger, 30, is working in Germany as an engineer. He loves hiking and spends much of his free time out in nature with his camera. Even further west in San Francisco, 26-year-old David Leong has spent much of his life exploring his native San Francisco before adding a camera into the mix to help him capture and document the world around him. The next rising star is Mekdela Maskal, 27, Ethiopia. Maskal, seen in the index image above, is a third-generation photographer. She's focusing on underreported and untold stories and currently works for a Mama's Hope campaign called Stop the Pity, which focuses on advocating for developing countries through a native and local lens, rather than one from away. Finally, there is Grace Chen, a 28-year-old food and travel photographer based in the United States. Like Leong, Chen was born in San Francisco but has spent much of the last two years travelling away from home.

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If you'd like to learn more, head over to Adobe. You can also see the work of the new Adobe Rising Stars for 2018 by following Lightroom's Instagram profile.