Boring sky? No problem, here’s how to fix the issue using a second shot and Adobe Photoshop


posted Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 5:00 AM EST


When you are outside capturing photos, you are often at the mercy of the weather. A boring sky can ruin an otherwise nice scene. However, sometimes if you look in a different direction, you might have a great sky. This happened recently to Blake Rudis of f64 Academy, so he wanted to show us how to capture a separate sky image and put it in your desired photograph using Adobe Photoshop. It may sound complicated, but the process is simple and can be done in under seven minutes.

Rudis was out shooting the Kansas City skyline and he had a nice scene with good light. However, the sky was bland; the clouds were in a different direction. He captured an image of the desired scene and an image of the clouds and because the overall color of the scenes were similar, being captured in the same area around the same time, it's a very natural-looking final composite. This is important to keep in mind. You can capture images of skies to use in your other images, but it can be tricky to match them in terms of overall color, tone and mood. This is why shooting the two shots at the same time, when possible, is a great option. If you'd like to follow along with Rudis, head to f64 Academy to download the practice images.

(Via f64 Academy