Two Minute Tips: Is a full-frame camera always better than its smaller-sensored counterparts?


posted Monday, August 20, 2018 at 12:30 PM EDT


As long as there are cameras with different sensor sizes, there will always be discussion among photographers about which sensor size is the best. You often hear about the image quality advantages of a full-frame camera, but does that mean it truly is the best? Are there ever scenarios in which a cropped sensor, such as an APS-C camera, is better? Photographer David Bergman investigates in the latest episode of Adorama's Two Minute Tips.

To ensure we are on the same page, what exactly is a "full-frame camera?" Full frame means that the size of the frame is the same size as 35mm film. If something is smaller than full frame, that means its imaging area is less than 35mm film. You can see a comparison of different frame sizes here and learn a lot about crop factor by clicking here.

It is no surprise that larger sensors cost more to make. They also require more powerful processors inside the camera. Combining these cost factors, full-frame cameras are typically more expensive than their crop sensor counterparts. A full-frame lens is often also more expensive than a lens made specifically for a crop camera, all else equal. Is a full-frame camera system worth the premium?

(Via Adorama