Want a Nikon Z7? Get in line quick: Nikon predicts shipping delays due to brisk sales!


posted Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 5:10 PM EDT


Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have seen the recent launch of Nikon's headline-grabbing new mirrorless camera lineup, which is led by the flagship Nikon Z7. And it turns out that you're far from alone in having done so, because the Z7's announcement has generated a lot more than just headlines. It's also been leading to brisk sales of the new Z-series cameras and lenses. (Enough sales that if you want a chance of shooting the Z7 yourself any time soon, you're going to want to grab your place in line immediately!)

Despite some naysaying in certain quarters regarding the lack of a few features found in some of its rivals, the Nikon Z7 in particular still seems to be beating the company's sales projections, suggesting that potential buyers aren't put off in the least by the decisions Nikon had to make to achieve its target price, form factor and feature set. In fact, the company has already received sufficient preorders that it's now felt the need to issue an official apology for potential delivery delays in the domestic Japanese market, something it also had to do after the launch of the D850 DSLR.


The D850 continued to remain in short supply for some significant time, leading to a second apology two months later. And with lots of pent-up demand for a full-frame Nikon mirrorless camera, we wouldn't be surprised at all to see Nikon faced by that same double-edged sword once again.

On the one hand, the delay may lead to some initial frustration for those who are stuck waiting longer than they'd hoped for their new cameras and gear. But on the other hand, it means Nikon is selling a lot of these cameras, and even more importantly, more than it had been expecting to sell. While it may now have to defer some of those early adopter purchases, Nikon will likely still get those sales dollars eventually. Customers who were ready to buy into a brand-new system at launch wouldn't seem likely to jump ship to another brand or product, after all. On balance, this really has to be seen as good news for the company.


We should note that this is, thus far, an announcement specifically made for customers in the Japanese market (and hence, using the local language.) In all, the list of products and kits which are facing potential delivery delays include the following:

But while the company's official apology for the delay doesn't yet mention overseas markets, it seems likely that sales outside Japan will prove to be similarly healthy. That, in turn, is likely to make it tricky to get your hands on the Z7 and other Z-series gear in the short term at least.


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Now, what are you waiting for? Grab that spot in the line, ASAP!